APCMH Merton and Sutton

APCMH Merton and Sutton was established as APCMH Merton in 1991, and has been running its befriending scheme for nearly 25 years. The branch provides a voluntary one-to-one service for adults with mental health problems within the London Boroughs of Merton and Sutton as well as adjoining districts.

Volunteer befrienders regularly meet with a person who is experiencing mental health problems to have a chat, go for a walk, share activities of common interest – anything which makes life more enjoyable. We believe that befriending is a means of reducing social isolation that so often accompanies the experience of mental health illness. By building up and maintaining a close relationship, social skills and confidence can be rediscovered and nurtured. It is rewarding to make a difference in the life of a person with mental health problems, and to experience their genuine appreciation of your help. However the greatest reward is gaining a close friend!

Website: apcmhmerton.org

Chairman: David Roe Telephone: 020 8542 9637  /   email: davidroe24@yahoo.co.uk

Kamila Markusova (Volunteer Recruitment)    Tel. 07894 351 944  /  Email: kmarkusova@yahoo.com